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AIDA64 Extreme 6.80.6200 Crack + Serial Keys 2023

AIDA64 Extreme 6.80.6200 Crack With License Keys Free Download [Latest] 2023

AIDA64 Extreme 6.80.6200 Crack is an advanced system diagnostics utility that gathers important information on the computer’s hardware and software configuration. It also lets users test the capabilities of the memory, CPU and FPU by running complex benchmarks. Suffice it to say, this tool is designed for advanced PC users.


Looking for a system benchmarking tool that will give you a full report on your computer’s performance? When it comes to system information utilities, there is no shortage of such tools on our current market. Aida 64 provides a complete and detailed picture of the hardware and software of our PC system as well as serves as a benchmark tool for testing. It incorporates unique capabilities that can help you assess the performance of your system’s components such as your processor, system memory or local disks. A lot of features such as overclocking, hardware diagnosis, sensor monitoring and many more make Aida one of the most competent tool out there. It benefits from a wide array of features which offer a very good description of the overall state of the system. Let’s find out more about Aida 64 in this snappy review.


The trial version of Aida 64 can be downloaded and tested for 30 days. It offers limited functionality though. To install it, you must first download the setup and you are presented with two options: a self installing exe package and a zip package. The installation process is fast and smooth. By downloading the exe, just choose the location of the Aida 64 file and whether you want a desktop icon or not. If you choose the zip package, just opt for an unzipping program to unzip it. Aida 64 doesn’t have other programs bundled with it and it doesn’t have any special requirements in order to operate. It runs on both the 32bit and 64bit version of the Windows operating systems and the required disk space is only a mere 20 MB.


Aida 64 boasts an easy to use and intuitive interface. It was designed for beginners and everything is extremely clear and concise. Navigating Aida 64 is a breeze due to the collapsing tabs in the left panel and the icons in the right panel. Aida 64 offers lots of system information categories and numerous tools that will provide you with an accurate description of your system’s components whether they are hardware or software. With a futuristic and sleek looking interface, Aida 64 will easily capture the eyes of those who enjoy having programs that boast a neat looking interface on their screen.

AIDA64 Extreme Serial Keys

Speedy installation and well-organized interface

The setup procedure is fast and simple. AIDA64 is wrapped in a user-friendly interface with a neatly organized layout, where all information on PC components is broken down into separate categories. It is rather vast and covers general areas of the PC such as overlock, sensors and power management.

Thorough investigation for each PC component

Detailed info can be obtained when it comes to the motherboard (e.g. CPU, chipset, BIOS), operating system (e.g. processes, system drivers, DLL files), server (e.g. shares, local and global groups), display (e.g. GPU, multi-monitor support, OpenGL), multimedia (e.g. audio and video codecs), storage (e.g. physical and optical drives), network (e.g. routes, IE cookies), DirectX, devices (e.g. input, printers), software (e.g. autostart entries, scheduled tasks, file types), security (e.g. firewall, antivirus), configuration (e.g. event logs, system files and folders), and database (e.g. BDE and ODBC drivers).

Run benchmarks and generate reports

When it comes to testing the memory, CPU and FPU, AIDA64 analyzes the processor, CPU clock, motherboard, chipset and RAM to rank the computer in a list with other systems by comparison, based on hardware configuration. Information from any selected areas or all of them can be exported to reports for closer examination and safekeeping.

Configure program settings

As far as AIDA64 Extreme configuration is concerned, it is possible to switch to another UI language, change the layout order, point out the output folder for creating reports, enable email notifications when performing benchmarks, filter event logs, add custom components to the list to keep an eye on, and much more.

Evaluation and conclusion

During benchmarks, AIDA64 Extreme obviously puts a strain on CPU and RAM. However, it uses low resources otherwise. It has a good response time and worked well throughout our evaluation, without triggering the OS to hang, crash or pop up error messages.

There are lots of system information utilities on the market and some of the alternatives to AIDA64 Extreme Edition include GPU-Z , Speccy and SpeedFan. GPU-Z is basically used for the monitoring of video cards. Speccy is a neat system information tool but lacks the overclocking capabilities and software diagnosis of Aida 64 while SpeedFan only knows two things: temperature and fan speed monitoring. There is no competition though as Aida 64 is jam packed with features and provides hardware and software diagnosis, benchmarking and overclocking tools all in one neat provision.

AIDA64 Extreme is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for home users. AIDA64 Extreme provides a wide range of features to assist in overclocking, hardware error diagnosis, stress testing, and sensor monitoring.
It has unique capabilities to assess the performance of the processor, system memory, and disk drives. AIDA64 is compatible with all current 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1.

Unlike other software of the same feather, AIDA64 Extreme Edition comes at the price of $39.95, but the features it ushers in are worth every penny. There are three editions of the application, Extreme EditionExtreme Engineer and Business, the first one being the cheapest of all and not differing in features from the second, except for the fact that it cannot be used commercially.

On the other hand, Business version shows remote abilities such as monitoring and control as well as command-line automation, SQL database output or software audit with File Scanner. But it lacks several hardware monitoring components, like thermal alerts, or logging of sensor values. CPU, memory and disk benchmarks are also off its feature list.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition installs quickly and does not require too much to load up. In fact, the interface pops pretty fast after launching the software. As expected, looks have been set aside in favor of functionality and ease of use. Given the amount of information available in the program a simple program window that allows you to jump from menu to menu Windows Explorer-style is the wisest choice.

A list of all the menus is present in the left hand part of the application window. There are 15 modules, each with its set of submenus. And the choices are plenty as AIDA64 manages to provide a wide array of details, which run from general info about the entire system to comprehensive notes on every piece of hardware building up your computer.

Thus, under “Computer” menu you will be able to view a summary giving you the running operating system and any service packs installed, computer name, version of Internet Explorer and DirectX available. On the hardware part AIDA64 lists the components on the motherboard, shows up the video gear on the system (monitor and adapter), storage and input devices as well as the set of peripherals.

Double clicking on each of the entries takes you deeper into the specifications of the selected entry, but you can also skip directly to any of the listed components by using the side panel.

As it is also built to assist you in your overclocking endeavors, the program can also help you compare the overclocked CPU speed with the original one. We encountered some issues with the readings on our main test machine as it was equipped with an AMD 64 processor and the Cool’n’Quiet technology, which alters clock rate and voltage in order to save energy when the processor is idle. The result was a fluctuation in FSB which was perceived as an overclock and displayed accordingly. As soon as Cool’n’Quiet was disabled all the values were displayed normally.

Information is equally vast in the case of the monitor and comprises details about the maximum visible display size, horizontal and vertical frequencies, maximum resolution, supported video modes. Under “Video Modes” of the “Display” menu shows all the video modes supported by the current configuration, complete with refresh rates and color depth.

Since it is a complete system information tool AIDA64 takes into consideration storage devices as well. The details available show capacity, drive types and amount of free and used space. Additionally, performance is monitored so you can view hard disk reliability indicators. Their interpretation is provided in the screen, making it easy to learn when a drive is about to fail.

AIDA64 does not neglect the software part of your computer either. Apart from Windows elements the application puts at your disposal information about the running processes. Unfortunately it will not display it in real time, but you have a simple way to refresh the sheet by pressing F5 key.

AIDA64 Extreme License Keys

Furthermore, AIDA64 can show the items starting with the operating system, offers the complete list of installed programs, detects the licenses for Microsoft software and displays the set of file types and the software they are associated with.

Now in its third incarnation after nearly a decade of development, AIDA64 is comprehensive system information and benchmarking suite designed to lay bare every conceivable aspect of your computer. Multiple versions cater to different markets; the initial 30 day trial version of each can be unlocked into either Extreme ($40) or Business ($80/5 nodes) editions. Extreme focuses on enthusiasts and performance computing while Business provides IT network inventory functions and can scan several systems at once. We took a look at the Extreme edition for this review.

AIDA64 Extreme is presented Microsoft Management Console-style, with a single window containing two panes of nested commands and data. The left pane lists the available tools and the right pane displays the results of each query or operation. Most of these are informational, breaking down each of your computer’s subsystems by hardware component or software module and allowing you to drill down to details you never imagined were readily accessible, such as your DIMMs’ serial numbers or how many reboots you’ve performed since your desktop went live.

Key Features:

  • For an overall glance at the system configuration or access to the applets in Control Panel you can head to “Config” menu in the main application window. Even Event Logs, which are pretty difficult to access in Windows OS if you don’t know the steps to launching the Event Viewer, are available in this section.

  • An extremely important component in AIDA64 is benchmarking. It is the last menu in the program and allows you to measure system performance. All the tests are synthetic in nature so you get to compare your system against a multitude of other configurations. As soon as the test completes your results will be shown in the comparison chart with various system configurations provided by the developer.

  • The set of benchmarks in AIDA64’s menu calculate the memory read, write, copy and latency, CPU performance as well as video compression performance. Each of the tests and how they progress is thoroughly expressed in the help file of the application.

  • Further testing present in the program covers disk benchmarking, to show the performance of storage devices. Multiple assessment options are provided for devices including SCSI and ATA HDDs, RAID arrays, optical drives, ZIP drives or flash memories. These are not restricted to read-only operations and the developer warns on the incorrect usage of the benchmarks leading to destruction of sensitive data.

  • As such, write tests are not available by default in the application and have to be enabled from Options menu. A number of 10 benchmarks (both read and write) are at your disposal in the lower part of the AIDA64 Disk Benchmark screen and include linear read/write, random read/write, buffered read/write, average read/write access and maximum read access.

  • Monitor diagnostics are also present in the suite, allowing you to run calibration tests, grid tests, color tests and reading tests. Just like in the case of disk performance assessment all of them are wrapped up in a screen of their own. They can be run even by the average user as each comes with a hint on their purpose.
  • Beyond the audit, several benchmarking tools provide data on CPU, hard disk and memory performance. AIDA64 ranks and compares results against a comprehensive database of other systems past and present giving you context for your results. While the memory tests are well regarded by enthusiasts, the real gem here is a flexible system stability tool that allows users to stress test main components in any combination desired while tracking system temperatures, voltages and fan speeds via graphs that are updated in real time. Overclockers will find this indispensable, as few tools combine these features.

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT4/2000, Windows XP, Windows PE, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022
Processor: Intel Pentium or later
Required disk space to install: 80 MB


AIDA64 Extreme has a hardware detection engine unrivaled in its class. It provides detailed information about installed software and offers diagnostic functions and support for overclocking. As it is monitoring sensors in real time, it can gather accurate voltage, temperature and fan speed readings, while its diagnostic functions help detect and prevent hardware issues. It also offers a couple of benchmarks for measuring either the performance of individual hardware components or the whole system. AIDA64 provides over 50 pages of information on hardware configuration and over 50 pages of installed programs, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings. AIDA64 supports over 250 various sensor devices to measure temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and power draw.

AIDA64 Extreme License Keys:

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AIDA64 Extreme Serial Keys:

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