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EyeTV 4 Mac With Serial Keys 2023

EyeTV 4 Mac With License Keys Free Download [Latest] 2023

EyeTV 4 Mac is a well-designed and easy-to-use macOS application that enables you to watch TV shows at your own convenience on your Mac. With EyeTV’s help, you can pause, rewind, play and fast forward past advertisements and enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Record TV Shows And Create Personalized Playlists

Moreover, you can place EyeTV 4 Mac Free Download main window anywhere on your desktop, watch two TV channels using the Picture-in-Picture feature as you browse the web, check your email or work. On top of that, you can take control over EyeTV by suing an EyeTV or Apple remote while you sit on your couch. Thanks to EyeTV’s easy-to-read On Screen menu you can easily surf the channels, browse the Program Guid and go through menus.

The integrated Program Guide helps you check that updated TV listings and search for the shows you want to watch. The built-in search form allows you to filter the displayed results using various criteria.

Check The TV Listings And Find New Shows

The “Smart Series Guide” function enables you to search out all upcoming episodes for any given TV series and find episodes you have not seen yet. You also have the option to manage a list with all your favorite TV channels and organize your movie, news, and sports channels into personalized lists.

What is more, EyeTV License Keys helps you record TV shows that you are already watching, as well as shows that have not been aired yet. You can create a schedule to record upcoming shows for you to watch in your free time.

Once upon a time–before Netflix, Hulu, and Slingbox–TVs and computers weren’t great bedfellows. If you wanted to watch TV on your computer–say, an episode of your favorite sitcom, or a news report–you’d need a TV tuner or a video capture device. The Elgato EyeTV Hybrid ($149 list) is an example of the former: this USB stick isn’t much bigger than a standard thumb drive, but it’s a full-on TV tuner, complete with a coaxial jack on one end. It’s compatible with over-the-air HDTV and unencrypted cable. What it does, essentially, is allow you to watch and channel-surf live TV on that computer. And it does more than that, too–the Mac-compatible EyeTV software can double as a programmable DVR (recording shows to the PC’s hard drive), and stream video to an Elgato app available on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. But, let’s focus on the live TV function first.

Record And Edit Content With Ease

Furthermore, EyeTV’s built-in editor allows you to remove unwanted content from your recording and trim down the show. You also have the option to create short clips using parts of your recordings and save them on your Mac.

These days, computers and particularly iPhones and iPads are playing better than ever with TV content. Services like Hulu and Netflix offer large libraries of content, and cable providers are increasingly offering online sites and mobile apps for accessing streaming channels and on-demand content. While a device like the EyeTV offers fewer restrictions–you’re not restricted to streaming video within your home network, for instance–it also requires a small but awkward USB dongle to jut out of your computer. And the computer itself can’t be mobile–you’ll be tethered to a coaxial TV cable. That setup seems ideal for a desktop computer or all-in-one like the iMac, or a small TV-compatible companion like the Mac Mini.

EyeTV Mac Free Download

You can export the recording for post-processing in a wide variety of file formats compatible with video editors such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media compose, and other similar apps.

For the Mac Mini, the EyeTV Mac Download could indeed turn your Mac into a pretty full-featured DVR. Even better, the program converts those recordings into iPhone- or iPad-ready M4V files. Some of that easy-share DVR functionality crosses over into the fuzzy land of piracy, but Elgato leaves that moral debate to you.

A word of warning on those resolutions, though: when we used it with our iPad, Elgato recordings were windowboxed (black bars on all sides), much like what we’ve seen on the SlingPlayer app. While it’s suitable for most content viewing, it won’t leave fans of HD-quality content happy.

Using the EyeTV on a computer

Though the EyeTV Hybrid says “Windows/Mac” on the box, buyer beware: the USB tuner stick’s compatible software that’s included in the box, called EyeTV 3, is Mac-compatible only. The disc wouldn’t open on our Windows PC, and the EyeTV Hybrid USB tuner stick needed drivers downloaded from Elgato’s Web site to be properly installed on a Windows PC. But, once we started up Windows Media Center, it eventually recognized the TV tuner and was able to find over-the-air stations, as well as record shows using Windows Media Center’s built-in DVR functionality. It’s hardly plug-and-play for Windows users, but it worked.

Cable is a less straightforward proposition. The EyeTV Hybrid doesn’t work with a cable box (for that, you want the step-up EyeTV HD box, which includes an IR blaster). Instead, it’s designed to work only with the unencrypted cable channels that are available by plugging the RF coaxial cable directly into the EyeTV dongle–that includes analog channels and so-called Clear QAM digital ones. It works well enough–we were able to get most of our local broadcast stations in HD, plus a handful of decent cable channels like TBS. But it was mostly community access channels, C-SPAN, home shopping channels, and Spanish-language networks. Don’t expect to be pulling HBO or any other premium channels onto your PC, unless you have the rare cable system that offers these networks unencrypted (most don’t).

Alternatively, you could always experiment with the EyeTV Hybrid’s composite and S-Video inputs (available via an included breakout cable). The EyeTV Hybrid will record any analog signal this way, including stereo audio. It won’t record HD video, however, and it’s just a raw dump of whatever the source is (such as a cable or satellite box), without the ability to automatically change channels.

The TV tuner stick is compact, but beware: we tilted the coax cable up and nearly cracked our tuner stick in half. It’s cumbersome to keep plugged in on the average laptop, which is why we’d recommend it as a desktop/set-top computer solution only. It seems perfect for Mac Mini or iMac owners who are hungering for live TV recording and place shifting (live TV pausing) and don’t own a DVR or a cable set-top box.

However, on a Mac, it’s a different, and much more pleasant, story. Setup of the EyeTV on Apple hardware was pretty simple. The software can be installed from the included CD or downloaded straight from Elgato (a registration code is included in the box). You’ll need to supply an antenna or cable connection to the TV tuner stick, which in turn plugs into the Mac’s USB slot. Then, the EyeTV 3 software begins mapping out channels. Using a standard UHF antenna, our EyeTV recognized over-the-air HD channels within seconds, and once setup was complete, we were able to channel surf with relative ease, using an onscreen interface or the included IR remote, which controls the USB stick. Users can also subscribe to a program guide with upcoming listings, courtesy of TV Guide. The guide listings look and function like those on a DVR, but subscribing to TV Guide only gives Elgato users a one-year subscription for free; after that, it’s $20 a year. The DVR software can be programmed to record and offers a fair amount of flexibility, but we’re not wild about paying for the guide service.

EyeTV Mac Free Download brings a rich TV experience to your Mac. Watch live TV on your Mac. Pause, rewind, and record whenever you want. EyeTV gives you powerful control over what you watch and how you watch it.

Put Down The Remote. Grab Your Mac.

  • A Smarter interface. Find your favorite shows using a convenient program guide with multiple search methods.
  • Customizable recording options. Record a single episode or an entire season.
  • Sync with your apps. Make your recordings portable by integrating with iTunes and syncing your device.
  • Awesome editing. Create video clips and trim unwanted content with easy editing options.

EyeTV 4 Mac Download

App Features

  • Watch live TV and change channels on the move
  • Playback your EyeTV recordings
  • Browse the Electronic Program Guide and view detailed information
  • Start recordings back home on your Mac immediately or schedule them to record later
  • View and edit your recording schedules in the recording list
  • Use the free My EyeTV service to connect to your home Mac via the internet
  • Stream live TV or your recordings to the big screen via AirPlay
  • The EyeTV HD differs from most of Elgato’s other offerings in that it isn’t a TV tuner—it’s a video-capture device.
  • That’s because the encrypted signals from your cable or satellite provider require a decoder—a receiver or DVR, for example—to play on your TV.
  • Elgato leaves that work up to your set-top hardware but takes over from there. 
  • The EyeTV HD is a combination of a recording box with an H.264 encoder inside, the EyeTV 3 software you run on your Mac, and an infrared channel changer (often referred to as an IR blaster)
  • that relays commands to your set-top box just as a standard remote does.
  • It also includes all the cables you’ll need to get started.
  • Like other EyeTV hardware, it’s bus-powered using a USB 2.0 connection.Because HDMI connections employ copy protection.
  • The EyeTV HD uses analog component video connections with your set-top box to take advantage of the so-called “analog loophole”—signals sent over the analog output aren’t encrypted.
  • Component video (and therefore the EyeTV HD) supports up to 1080i resolution.
  • Elgato also includes a breakout cable for composite and S-Video connections.
  • Audio is limited to stereo via RCA-style analog connections.

What’s new in EyeTV 3.6.9 Build 7521:

  • Welcome eyetv plus
  • Enhanced performance and stability
  • Improved DVB-T2 HD AAC
  • Support for the EyeTV T2 lite and EyTV T2 Hybrid for DVB-T2 HD


  • Mac with OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • EyeTV 3.6.5 or later with compatible TV tuner
  • iPad Air, iPad (iPad 2 or later), iPad mini, iPhone (iPhone 4 or later) or iPod touch (5th generation) with iOS 7.0.4 or later

EyeTV License Keys

  • 6055fa35f8de4f86a2d00f19f888154d
  • a4f564dd7b8d49ec91cb83b3b2e0a083
  • 2a4bd9f9da50441db9f19c3b10e8c08c
  • e31cf294d4674c02bba1a36d035f79b1
  • f90778ecfc94491c9c831cc807b9bac5
  • 7e74cbe031b04b79b08aa8ecb358a80c
  • f9587908d394419fb9bcba4002b37680
  • 9adff78afc6c4661a5a70e4c4dae1ad1
  • f7360e58d86944daa9466ae2cc3a87c3
  • 41cbdcf85b60427ea94f212238f61786

EyeTV Serial Keys

  • f7f9d569346147e5a2def430a0bc3903
  • d986c01173ba4d20919e3ffed2a08dae
  • 57d6e545a0194c94af6030a8481238b7
  • 6767dfd458744f8ca1b7f1220c23df59
  • 9910cac7b6b3400e8b837364c5737bfa
  • bfd4b18eddd240819566cb5ddf10f09b
  • 75b4970ee588425aba415e082c9105bb
  • 6e0cc9fa343c412c9f8d666904c884a5
  • cfdd17c8211f4b5f819e75c529d80423
  • 502e504c88134459844d2b67be82f794

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How to Crack 

  • First, download the EyeTV Mac of full version. By using Internet Download Manager Crack.
  • Uninstall the previous version by using IObit Uninstaller Pro.
  • Note Turn off the Virus Guard.
  • After downloading Unpack or extract the RAR file and open setup (use Winrar to extract).
  • Install the setup after installation closes it from everywhere.
  • Now open the ‘Crack’ or ‘Patch’ folder, run the activator and register the program.
  • After all of these enjoy the Latest Version 2023.


Recordings show up in an easily browsed library, saved as “eyeTV” files that need to be opened in EyeTV 3. However, EyeTV 3 software will convert these recordings into iPad- or iPhone-ready M4V files at the press of a button. These files, at 1,280×720 or 852×480 pixels, get added automatically to iTunes’ video library, but they can also be edited by other software. An icon for Roxio Toast appears on the EyeTV 3 interface for easy export, but you’ll need to provide your own copy–it doesn’t come included.

The EyeTV can access digital and analog programming, either from an over-the-air antenna or from a cable TV feed. Over-the-air is pretty straightforward–you can receive whatever digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) channels–you’d get on a standard TV using an antenna you supply yourself.

We tested the EyeTV app on an iPad, and found it worked pretty well, all things considered. The $5 app streams the live TV connection from a local computer over Wi-Fi, and even allows channel surfing. It’s a lot like the SlingPlayer app, with a similar quality of resolution. The app will also stream recorded shows on the EyeTV-connected Mac or PC in question. While the TV content was put into a narrow box that didn’t fill the screen, it also streamed with some loss of frame rate, and at a delay from the live broadcast.

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