You are currently viewing IBM SPSS Statistics 28.1.1 Mac With Serial Keys 2023

IBM SPSS Statistics 28.1.1 Mac With Serial Keys 2023

IBM SPSS Statistics 28.1.1 Mac With License Key Free Download 2023 [Latest]

IBM SPSS Statistics 28.1.1 Mac – Regardless of whether you are a tried professional that worked in data analysis for years on end or a normal user that needs to find new insights deeply hidden within your data, the IBM SPSS Statistics application is the tool you’ll need. To use the trial application, you need to have an IBM Account.

There is a free alternative – PSPP and we’ve made a tutorial on How to Install it on your Mac.

Besides allowing one to get a clear overview of the possible outcomes of a given action or trend, IBM SPSS Statistics Mac also features a built-in statistical modeling tool that makes it easy to put years of research to good use by allowing you to effortlessly graph and analyze the collected data using your Mac.

Typically, to get to what lies underneath the surface of a data set you should have to analyze it in detail, relying only on the fixed results obtained via direct experiments. IBM SPSS Statistics License Code also enables you to adjust any of the parameters for being able to simulate a variety of outcomes, based on your original data. Additionally, if you’ve got multiple data files at hand, IBM SPSS Statistics makes it very easy to perform a deep comparison between them, either by running a case-by-case comparison for any selected variables or by juxtaposing the document metadata.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Serial Key software also comes with a highly intuitive and fast chart-building tool, a feature that greatly eases the way you are visualizing your data modeling project’s contents. Once you open the chart builder, you are presented with a list of all your project’s variables and a with a gallery of chart templates to choose from. After choosing the variables that should be plotted onto the chart and adjusting the selected chart template, all that remains to be done is to hit the “OK” button and SPSS Statistics will start to plot the data according to your specifications.

Next, you will be able to analyze the plotted information using the integrated “Statistics Viewer”, an instrument that vastly alleviates the burden of collecting the best results for the input data set, in a timely and efficient manner. Overall, the IBM SPSS Statistics Mac Free Download application is not only a Swiss army knife for all data analysts but it can also prove to be a very useful tool for any user that wants to get an in-depth look at what lies behind a collection statistical data gathered or downloaded from websites or institutions that offer analytical views of a multitude of subjects.

What is IBM SPSS Statistics Mac?

IBM SPSS Statistics Mac is a predictive analytics software solution that aims to provide users with more meaningful insights from their data and predict what is likely to happen next. This solution offers advanced techniques designed to help companies find new opportunities, improve efficiency and minimize risk. IBM SPSS Statistics software is used by a variety of customers to solve industry-specific business issues to drive quality decision-making. Advanced statistical procedures and visualization can provide a robust, user friendly, and integrated platform to understand your data and solve complex business and research problems

Statistical Analysis Tool for Data

SPSS is a trialware that you can use to record and then analyze data. While the original developers of the statistical tool are SPSS Inc., IBM acquired the software, which is now called IBM SPSS Statistics For Mac. The SPSS software is highly customizable to let you enter the exact data that you need, like variables and numbers. SPSS has a user interface that looks like Microsoft Excel as the UI is set up as a spreadsheet. MatLab, Minitab, Power Bi, Stata, MySQL, and Tableau are data management alternatives to SPSS. All programs are suitable for professional use.

What is IBM SPSS Statistics used for?

IBM SPSS Statistics Mac is used for data analysis by researchers in a myriad of fields. You perform predictive analytics to predict future outcomes and set up your user interface in a manner that supports your research. Since the interface can be customized, you can collect and analyze your data with ease. SPSS lets you save and share data files as reports in a variety of file formats. There are two main modes that you can toggle between, ‘Data View’ (default mode), and ‘Variable View.’ A line of icons is at the top of the interface to let you save, print, go back and forward, etc.

Is SPSS hard to learn?

Both views are set up as spreadsheets to let you easily survey data analyses. Users find that the simple interface makes using SPSS easy. The Data View and Variable View automatically sync together when you make changes in either tab. Therefore, the adjustments that you make in the Data View spreadsheet will populate into the Variable View sheet.

Considering SPSS is highly customizable, you can make custom tables that appeal to you. The labels make SPSS easy to use for both beginners and experts. SPSS lets you perform structural equation modeling and use SPSS syntax to code in case you want an advanced user experience.

IBM SPSS Statistics Mac License Keys


  • Enterprise deployment and management integration
  • Powerful research tools
  • Reporting toolkit
  • Statistical programming features
  • Professional grade presentation output
  • Improves your workflow for saving more time than ever

System Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM or more recommended
  • Minimum free drive space: 800 MB
  • XGA (1024×768) or higher-resolution monitor
  • DVD drive

What’s New

Back End:

  • PI62883: CTABLES syntax crashes the processor
  • PI63465: MIXED: Getting insufficient memory warning for Repeated Covariance Types Unstructured (UN) and Unstructured Correlation
  • PI67850: SPSS Statistics makes different models — HCA
  • PI76593: GENLIN results differ from versions older than 22 and 22+.
  • PI78407: Different results on Coefficients table for Linear Regression on 32 bit versus 64 bit for 24 FP1 on the same 64 bit computer
  • PI78788: SAVE TRANSLATE fails on /APPEND /EXCELOPTIONS where /CELLS=labels

CS Framework:

  • PI58511: ‘Connect with Secure Socket Layer’ not enabled, though certificate exists at default location

Custom Tables:

  • PI65777: SPSS 24 crashes for CTABLES when Compare column means and Identify Significant Differences – In the main table is selected

Data Editor:

  • PI58101: Data Editor is double entering values sporadically on Windows 7
  • PI60222: Data Editor: Entering data is always doubled in Release 24 when the ‘Display Value Labels’ option is turned on
  • PI60955: Paste variables on Variable View not working for variable names with underscore
  • PI73467: Restricted Numeric variable type is broken 24 FP1, leading zeros are removed

Data Preparation:

  • PI61093: Aggregate with 2 long string break vars may confuse nesting of break vars


  • PI63890: Date format yyyy/mm/dd not recognized on preview of Date and Time Wizard, Step1, extract part of a date variable
  • PI66633: Cannot switch between Mark file read only and Mark File Read/Write on the same session, file has to be re-opened first
  • PI69111: ‘Write the value (not the label) to the syntax’ option not working on Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions


  • PI59806: Spatial Association case study and syntax reference Guide have unexpected results
  • PI71032: Syntax Diagrams on online help or Syntax Reference PDF do not show bold text although we refer to defaults displayed in bold
  • PI75379: Documentation regarding Java requirements for silent installation of SPSS Statistics 24 on Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra is unclear

Excel DAC:

  • PI61788: Unable to import an XLSX file into Statistics 24 (and 23 FP3), error 2063 (Error reading information for sheet)
  • PI77963: Excel XLSX import fails in 24 FP1 with error (2063) when some columns have formulas in the Excel file

Front End:

  • PI56828: Menus become unusable in maximized Data Editor on Linux


  • PI37933: AMOS Graphics: Diagram > Draw Path menu has incorrect Japanese translation
  • PI39917: AMOS appears not to see three variables in Excel file, produces inconsistent errors
  • PI49257: AMOS hangs for Bayesian SEM model when a grouping variable is used, program not responding
  • PI53112: AMOS 23 does not recognise the use of tilde character to separate servers in DaemonHost field of spssprod.inf


  • PI69411: Chart Editor for GRAPH command output does not apply line weights in Line Chart
  • PI69984: On Paneled Scatterplots the Regression fit line label is the same for all sections of the chart, but should be different
  • PI72735: No Reference line tab on properties dialog for y-axis variable reference line on some simple bar charts
  • PI72779: Wrong mean value displayed for y-axis reference line on simple bar chart, Maximum value displayed instead of Mean


  • PI82620: Please remove text for OLE import and Data Collection Survey Reporter Developer Kit from help text


  • PI62302: AMOS Installer builds a weird spssprod.inf
  • PI73232: Push install fails to install AMOS 24 Plugins for all users.


  • PI29945: Network Licensing does not parse IPv6 address
  • PM91405: ‘rlftool’ command line tool is non-existent in 64-bit Linux LM –> Available tools don’t match 32-bit versus 64-bit
  • PI50591: Unplugged client using Commuter license token fails with Can’t find LM server: Hostname
  • PI62418: There are no lswhere.exe, lsmon.exe and lslic.exe file after Statistics client 24 installed on Windows and Linux64


Model Viewer:

  • PI61672: On all comma based locales Model Viewer displays wrong significance level for all NPTESTS
  • PI64686: Pairwise comparison test table for Friedman Related Samples Test unreadable on Model Viewer with more variables used


  • PI53107: Third party: Oracle 12c padding derived fields with non printing characters. (DataDirect case 00330915)
  • PI68524: Customer updates to Statistics 23.0 FP3 and ODBC to Oracle 12c fails
  • PI81980: Bulk insert fails after FP2 .


  • PI64972: SPATIAL TEMPORAL PREDICTION warning about autoregressive lag and too many locations for Variogram Based Parametric model
  • PI68241: Probabilties differ between Binary Logistic Regression and Propensity Score Matching on the last 2 or 3 digits

Output Component:

  • PI72020: Warning message from Statistics backend is not translated correctly in Japanese.

Output Viewer:

  • PI56608: SPLIT file LAYERED for a string variable with Slovak characters on Slovak locale: REGRESSION output tables are incorrect
  • PI59170: COLUMNWIDTH keyword does not take effect, and suppresses other keywords

PES Adaptor:

  • PI66113: Stats Fails to Connect to C&DS When SSL Enabled


  • PI61112: Extension bundle not installed to defined menu location
  • PI73899: Unable to run Equation Systems STATS EQNSYSTEM bundle, error about missing R packages

Syntax Editor:

  • PI62262: Undocumented behavior in Syntax Editor for /VARLIST on VARIABLE LEVEL command
  • PI81133: Pipe | sign gone on reopened syntax when locate is Hebrew, syntax saved in unicode and locale mode
  • PI81276: Very slow to open large syntax files with Hebrew and option “Optimize for right to left languages” is enabled

Text Wizard:

  • PI68084: Text Import Wizard is a stickler for detail re: dates
  • PI69893: Import Data wizard does not use the predefined text template files (*.tpf) from prior versions


  • PI47268: Mac OS: Double-click on .sav .spv or .sps file –> If Statistics is already open get error that SPSSStatistics can’t be opened


  • Powerful capabilities: After you input your variables into IBM SPSS Statistics for Mac, you can perform complex analysis, including actions such as changing all variables to meet a certain goal, or in the case of direct marketing, identify clients who are most likely to buy your product or the general geographic area that sees the most purchases. Other analysis types include correlation, forecast, regression, and classification in clusters.
  • Add-ons support: The app’s core functionality is enhanced by add-ons such as text analysis for surveys and data collection.
  • Excellent output options: When it comes to saving your work, you can either export your entire database, or save the data, itself, as one of more than 30 formats, including Microsoft Excel.


  • Lengthy setup: In order to install IBM SPSS Statistics for Mac, you need to register and create your own IBM ID and install Java and Python.

IBM SPSS Statistics License Keys

  • 7582d3467a844223b80723247dc49e78
  • 720eb74e3bed404f836fbee72186197e
  • ad2551f7208b4ef58173d6671035f669
  • 3b01f5137681408eadcfb0775b3f9a58
  • 2e55dd1a745d42a5ae5baa04ae6723f5
  • 4ef00152374e4c4fac0db37b1943b24b
  • 4e52aa2dc9114ae1b464480195c746ad
  • 417c8b000a5b40fc9ff99894ddd94e47
  • 20a1b52a775947868cf4a6204ba284b2
  • 218be2e18f8148a4846052377b1b7710

IBM SPSS Statistics Serial Keys

  • 75f44aa4d96d4747afac15b62dcfef00
  • 289e30a348ff414c8da21f674a68637d
  • 3f86e0275f1c4249b176cbc8655e1a66
  • 3aac8cfec74c42a29a65415e394bf19e
  • 9f024eb57e5b458895747bc64263787a
  • 8290c1c532e5477b9d1088051f278b7a
  • a6aaa677382948e8bc70167b79e1a2b1
  • d8c546aa26dd49e2ad912bdb8724d502
  • 6c5f7f966edd4a61960e672148c844cb
  • a84837eab3cb4e27ae9a688845168ce2

How to Crack 

  • First, download the IBM SPSS Statistics 28.1.1 Mac of the full version. By using Internet Download Manager Crack.
  • Uninstall the previous version by using IObit Uninstaller Pro.
  • Note Turn off the Virus Guard.
  • After downloading Unpack or extract the RAR file and open setup (use Winrar to extract).
  • Install the setup after installation closes it from everywhere.
  • Now open the ‘Crack’ or ‘Patch’ folder, run the activator and register the program.
  • After all of these enjoy the Latest Version 2023.


If you run a company and need software to help you make the most informed decisions, a product like IBM SPSS Statistics 28.1.1 Mac can be worth its weight in gold. Although it may be overwhelming at first, the app easily handles multivariable decisions. If, on the other hand, you don’t need this much analytical potential, a more basic offering like Excel’s Solver might be a better fit.

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