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Photoshop Automator Action Pack Mac + Serial Keys 2023

Photoshop Automator Action Pack Mac + License Keys Free Download [Latest] 2023

The Photoshop Automator Action Pack Mac will extend the power of Automator in Leopard and Snow Leopard with 30 actions for use with Adobe Photoshop!

These are NOT actions that you can run from within Photoshop’s Actions palette. This is a Mac-only product that allows you to build automated workflows that can go beyond what Photoshop’s built-in actions provide.

Photoshop Automator Actions Overview

Photoshop Automator Action Pack Mac Free Download is a package of Actions that lets you control many of Photoshop’s most common functions from within Automator, letting you add Photoshop functionality to your Automator workflows. If you find them useful, please consider donating to my website.

The Photoshop Automator Action Pack has been updated for Photoshop CC 2018, and you can buy the latest version at This is a collection of Automator Actions that allow you to drive Photoshop from Apple’s Automator on Mac OS X. If you’ve never used Automator before, it provides a simple, drag-and-drop mechanism for creating complex automated workflows. Of course, Photoshop has its Actions built-in actions facility, but Automator lets you build automation that include other applications, in addition to Photoshop. What’s more, with the Photoshop Automator Action Pack you can build workflows that include branching logic – different operations can be applied to different images based on their size, orientation, bit depth, and more. If you’d like to experiment with Automator, a free version of the Photoshop Automator Action Pack is also available at along with lots of tutorial videos.

Built-in into Mac OS X 10.4 and later, Photoshop Automator Action Pack License Keys make it simple to create sophisticated, complex automation. Out-of-the-box, Automator can’t control Adobe Photoshop, but with the addition of this Photoshop Automator Actions collection, you get everything necessary to drive Photoshop using Automator.

The Photoshop Automator Action Pack Mac Updater is now available. This package update delivers numerous bug fixes and tweaks and adds Lion compatibility. Available for CS4 and CS5, the update is free to all users of both the free and Pro versions of the Photoshop Automator Actions Collection version 5. Updates are available here.

For this updater to work, you must have a copy of the version 5 package installed. (Obviously, you’ll need to install the updater package that matches the version that you have installed, either CS4 or CS5, free or Pro.)

Photoshop Automator Action Pack License Keys


Imaging Workflow Beyond Lightroom & Photoshop

Most of the time, the photo-imaging workflow can be completely managed within the familiar applications of Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Photo Mechanic, etc… but occasionally it becomes necessary to go beyond the capabilities of these programs to automate more complex series of steps that involve multiple applications. Such was the case for me when my friend Eduardo Angel asked me for a particular workflow solution – he wanted to have something he could drag a bunch of images onto, that would re-size, re-name, and duplicate a half dozen times into separate folders, all at different sizes! Currently, this is beyond the capabilities of Photoshop’s Image Processor Script, but well within the capabilities of Apple’s Automator application!

If you are on a Macintosh computer, you are in luck! Automator is a very cool program that can build fairly complex Applescript workflows, but it’s easy enough that mere mortals can use it successfully. Automator comes with a very robust set of pre-set Applescript “actions,” but to do any serious image editing chores you will need to download some 3rd party Automator actions! Fortunately, there are some free Photoshop Automator actions available on – here:

Scroll down the page to find the free download for your version of Photoshop (under the Paypal button) There is, of course, a “pro” version with many more “actions” available for a modest fee. The free version is perfectly adequate for the file copying, re-naming, and re-sizing Automator applet I describe in detail in the following:

I am going to want a “droplet” app to sit on the desktop where I can drag a bunch of images onto it and it will run the Applescript actions – so I select Application as the document type!

When the new document opens there is a list of Automator “actions” in the left side panel – the “Library” contains different categories of actions. I will be using the “Files & Folders” and “Photos” categories – clicking on the category reveals the list of actions for that category.

Photoshop Automator Action Pack License Keys

Starting with” Files & Folders” I want the action to copy files to a new location, so I drag the “Copy Finder Items” action from the left side into the right side panel:

The idea is that I want to copy files to multiple locations and have them be of different sizes for mobile-ready web applications in a responsive website design. So I build a “Web-Images” folder, with multiple sub-folders named for the different sizes. I want the action to copy the image files and re-size them for successively smaller sizes into the appropriate folders, and then re-name them so I can tell, at a glance what size the image is by its name, just in case they get misplaced somewhere while I’m working on the website. Now that I’ve got the script-in-progress copying files into the first folder, I want to rename them:

I drag the “Rename Finder Items” action from the list into the right panel. The way Automator builds complex scripts is by connecting these actions one to the next, as displayed in the right panel, top to bottom. Here, after the files are copied, they are renamed according to the settings in the little action window — in this case, I want to append some text describing the use of the image in the folder. Next, I need to re-size the image – for that, I want to launch Photoshop, so I drag in the “Open_CC” action:

Photoshop Automator Action Pack Mac Free Download


I set up the parameters for the re-size by entering a value for the width only – that way Photoshop will re-scale the image to fit the width without altering the aspect ratio. I also set the units to pixels and the interpolation method to Bicubic sharper (you’ll see the settings in the next screenshot). After doing anything to the images you have to execute a render action to get the files back onto the disk – drag in the “Render_CC” action:

OK, now I have copied files to a new location, renamed them, and re-sized them. All I have to do is repeat this for each new file size I want, and keep copying the files, renaming them, and re-sizing them. The only thing that changes is the size setting and the rename. each time I’m going to connect the action to the files in the last folder by dragging the first step “Copy Finder Items” into the right panel after the Render_CC action, then the next and the next, exactly as before until I end up with the complete set of different file sizes! I can rename the files with a replace text setting so I don’t keep adding to the file name each time.

Drag a file onto the applet – it copies the file into the first folder, launches Photoshop, and runs through all the steps one after the other, much faster than you could ever do by yourself. You always want to check for mistakes, and re-edit if necessary. You can drag any number of images onto the applet and it will execute all the commands on each image one after the other — very cool.

If you spend just a little time playing around with Automator, you will find many workflow tasks that can be automated using this tool – the possibilities are almost unlimited and you can connect different applications in ways that would otherwise be impossible. If you are on a Macintosh, you owe it to yourself to give Automator a try!

If you’re a Mac-based Photoshop user who needs to automate your Photoshop production pipeline, you need to look no further than the Photoshop Action Pack, a collection of 90 Automator Actions that allow you to script nearly all of Photoshop’s functionality from within Apple’s Automator.

The new version, which is for Photoshop Automator Action Pack Serial Keys adds two new actions: Set Blending Mode of Current Layer and Copy IPTC to Spotlight Comments. The first lets you change a layer’s blending mode, just as you would from Photoshop’s Layers palette, while the second lets you automate the process of copying IPTC tags into spotlight comments. With this release, a few other actions have seen feature additions. You can now use multiple copies of Restore Original Image within the same workflow, and Copy Data to IPTC now lets you specify a separator to use when appending data. This release also brings some important bug fixes, most notably to Unsharp Mask, which now works properly.

While Photoshop has its built-in Actions mechanism for automating repetitive tasks, Automator offers several advantages. Because Automator lets you build automation workflows that include more applications than just Photoshop, you can create a single automation that processes images in Photoshop, and then hands the output to another application for additional work. Also, with the Photoshop Action Pack collection of Automator actions, you get logical operations and conditional functionality that you don’t have with Photoshop’s built-in actions. So, you can build automated workflows that process each image differently depending on its characteristics.

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