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PlayOn Home 5.0.67 Crack + Serial Keys

PlayOn Home 5.0.67 Crack + License Keys Free Download [Latest] 2023

Marketed as a “robust PC application for the new way you watch TV,” PlayOn Home 5.0.67 Crack is, at heart, a tool for organizing your streaming media.

It’s part media player, part media downloader, part online organizer, and part media server. So what does it do? In short, it aggregates all your streaming websites into one easy-to-use GUI, with a bit of extra functionality such as the option to download and record streaming media.

App generalities

Before anything else, you should know that PlayOn comes in two flavors: PlayOn Desktop (available for Windows only, and the one we’re talking about here ) and PlayOn Cloud.

There are also two versions (Free and Paid) with a pretty massive gap between them in terms of functionality, but we’ll cover that a bit later.

Probably the most impressive aspect of PlayOn is the massive support for a plethora of devices. You can stream, cast, and download streaming content to TVs, PCs, tablets, or mobile devices.

It’s also compatible with various gaming consoles such as PlayStation (3 and 4), Wii, Wii U, Xbox (360 and One). Furthermore, Chromecast, Google TV, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku, and WDTV are supported as well.

When it comes to mobile devices, you can benefit from support for Android phones, BlackBerry 10 smartphones, iPads, and iPhones, as well as Kindle Fire devices. Last but not least, PlayOn also works with Kodi and DLNA Smart TVs.

Please note that you can’t benefit from all the features on all devices. For example, on some devices, you can only stream, while others offer the full range of options (stream and cast). For more details, visit the dedicated Devices section.

App GUI and other interesting features

Regardless of your computer knowledge, you will find PlayOn a very streamlined app. While not being much of a reason to write home about, the GUI is pretty decent for such an app.

The app sports a somewhat dated interface with an intuitive layout. You are provided with quick access to the most important sections such as Notifications, Subscriptions, Media Library, Recordings, and so forth.

So, you can record pretty much anything from most streaming platforms, you can stream and cast content to various devices with relative ease, and you can record and download content as MP4s.

In addition, you’re also provided with various nifty little features such as AdSkip (which automatically skips the ads when you playback your recordings), and something called Off-Peak Recording (basically, you can program the app to record shows only between certain time intervals).

While using PlayOn, we couldn’t stop thinking about the app’s relevance in today’s context is. This is mostly due to the fact that most streaming platforms offer offline viewing in one form or another.

Nevertheless, PlayOn can become particularly helpful for all those who are dealing with multiple platforms at once and want to not only organize but to record multiple shows for offline viewing.

While PlayOn is a very decent app/platform, backed up by some pretty useful features, the Free plan is not offering your much. That said, if you want to benefit from everything that PlayOn has to offer, you’ll have to pay up.

PlayOn is, at its most basic, a way for you to organize and consolidate your streaming media. It also offers options for downloading and recording streaming media, although you have to pay for those features. PlayOn purports to offer more flexibility for people who are overwhelmed by the streaming options currently available. It’s not a huge name in the business, so you aren’t alone if you’re asking, “What is PlayOn?” Read on for the review of the PlayOn software.

PlayOn Home Serial Keys

User Experience

PlayOn is available in two basic forms: PlayOn Desktop and PlayOn Cloud. The desktop app only works with Windows computers, so Mac users are out of luck in this case. I have a Windows laptop, and I found it easy to get to the download page on PlayOn’s website. The cloud app is exclusively for smartphones.

The desktop download is a pretty simple process, although there are constant reminders of what you’re missing out by not upgrading to the paid version. Once the download is complete, you can go to the channels tab and start linking your other streaming accounts to PlayOn’s media player.

You can connect to the big players like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. If you’re a cable subscriber, you’ll probably find your cable company listed under channels as well. HBO Go is also listed, but like pretty much every other channel, you must have an existing HBO GO account before you can start queuing up Game of Thrones. There are some free episodes offered (see the Content section for more), but this mostly a pay-to-play (on) service.

Switching between channels is a smooth process, but then again, it’s also a smooth process on my Roku TV. Even going from Netflix to Hulu on my laptop isn’t exactly complicated. I did find that the PlayOn app did a decent job of transferring my streaming profiles over from other sites. But it looks very much like a transfer rather than something organic. On other streaming sites, the shows are displayed in a more seamless way. PlayOn displays them like folders on your computer’s hard drive.

The video player is mostly fine. I had to wait a few seconds for my show to load, which gave me time to wonder why I wasn’t watching simply Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu instead.


PlayOn has a PlayOn Picks channel that promises “totally free movies.” There are seven of those as of this writing. Some notable titles are Bill and Ted’s Excellent AdventureBill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, and The Hurt Locker. To be fair to PlayOn, the channel updates every month. If you want to try streaming, casting, or recording videos with the free plan, you can only do it with the movies available in PlayOn Picks.

The streaming mediums and platforms have been constantly changing and updating themselves. There is no single streaming medium that we subscribe to. Countless streaming platforms provide us with seamless access to the best type of content that we want to access. Similarly, many third-party apps have also emerged that help us to alter the type of content we want to watch, download and even watch as per our terms.

PlayOn provides multiple access to streaming platforms in its app. You also have recording facilities available in the platform wherein you can record all your HD content and sync them in a common cloud-based platform. Many people have not heard about this streaming service and hence are not so sure about How the platform works? So, here in this piece, we will discuss if Playon is worth it? Is it worth your time?

I purchased an older version of this product several years ago and early this year migrated to this PlayOn Home version. The channels I want to use the most are usually broken. I’ve seriously started searching for something else. This product used to be great but I’m quickly finding that there are better options out there. From now on I’ll always research user reviews before purchasing just about anything. I found that channels typically break the most in the summer and this is currently proving to be still true. I don’t know if their staff goes on vacation/holiday or what but repairs take three or four times as long in the summer as they do in the other seasons. I won’t be buying another year of this service but it used to be adequate for my needs. No longer.

If you’re thinking, “That’s all?” Well, so did I at first. Luckily, it’s not all. By my count, there are also 12 “subscription-free movies” available for free, including titles like the 2010 remake of True Grit and the romantic comedy classic Four Weddings and a Funeral. There’s more free TV available than movies, as the basic desktop version lets you access to the most recent episodes of shows like Riverdale and The Big Bang Theory.

In most cases, you’ll get access to the last five or six episodes, which is about the same number of episodes you can watch for free by going to the CW and CBS websites, respectively. There were some exceptions, though. I noticed a lot of Late Night with Seth Meyers episodes available, for instance. So if you can’t get enough of the “A Closer Look” segments on YouTube, knock yourself out.

The “most recent episodes” model reminds me of the early days of Hulu, back before it was a purely paid service. You won’t be able to binge watch an entire season of The Good Place, but you will be able to catch up on the last few episodes of Season 3, for instance. According to the company, they have content from networks including NBC, ABC, Fox, SpikeTV, Comedy Central, VH1, and MTV.

The FAQs for PlayOn can sometimes sound a bit defensive. There’s a lot of questions like “I already have Netflix and Hulu, so what will PlayOn add?” It mentions recording shows and then skipping ads, but again, you can only do that if you spring for one of the paid versions.

You can also use PlayOn to stream to additional devices, but only with the paid version. If you want to download shows to watch later, then guess what? That’s right; you’re going to have to give PlayOn your credit card info.

Streaming Quality

The quality on my laptop was fine. It was nothing to write home about. Except for the longish loading times, it seemed roughly comparable to the quality on the streaming sites themselves. But for a company like PlayOn to succeed in the long run, I’m not sure that’s going to cut it.


As mentioned before, the Desktop app only works on Windows laptops. The cloud app is compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Beyond that, the company says that “PlayOn is designed to work with most streaming devices.” It mentions Roku and Chromecast, but also says it works with consoles like Xbox, Playstation and Wii. I didn’t see a full list of compatible platforms on PlayOn’s website. The company does invite you to email if you aren’t sure if your device is compatible.


PlayOn really wants you to pay for either the Cloud or Desktop versions. With the Cloud, you pay on a per-recording basis. In fact, you can pay $29.99 to get 150 cloud recordings. If you really wanted to, you could use PlayOn Cloud to record every episode of Perfect Strangers in existence (if you did not know Perfect Strangers is available for streaming, well, neither did I until about 30 seconds ago).

If you’re looking for unlimited recordings on your desktop, then you’ll want to check out the paid Desktop plan. The normal price is listed as $69.99 for unlimited recordings, but as of this writing, the site is offering it for $29.99. As long as that deal is still around, there’s no reason not to get unlimited recordings if you’re determined to pay for PlayOn’s service. Other desktop recording plans are available through PlayOn, but none as good as that.

The recordings are stored on the cloud for just 7 days. You can buy cloud recording and storage plans if you want to keep those Perfect Stranger episodes on the cloud for longer before transferring them to another device.

On your desktop, recordings won’t expire. PlayOn says that “unlike a traditional DVR, recording capacity isn’t capped.” It is capped, however, by the amount of room available on your computer’s hard drive. They won’t disappear after a set number of days, but at some point, you will have to delete some files if you want to make room for new downloads.


The biggest issue with PlayOn is that its basic plan doesn’t offer much that you can’t get elsewhere, and its paid plans also don’t really distinguish themselves. The free version is basically a media player. The paid plan is a decent option only if you have too many shows already recorded on another service’s DVR.

Just about every streaming service lets you record video for offline viewing nowadays. It’s typically part of the monthly subscription plan. PlayOn requires you to pay an additional fee on top of that. If you’re planning on doing a lot of recording, it’s not a bad option, but right now, it feels like a redundant choice for most streamers, myself included.

Is PlayOn Free?

Many people do have the question and frankly speaking, it’s kind of a legitimate question. Every streaming platform does provide something in their service other than just chasing money. PlayOn also has its perks. Is it free before Playon subscriptions empty your wallet? How much will PLayOn downloads cost you? Well, Plain is different for both its desktop and android apps. PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Home.

So PlayOn does provide you with a free trial, you get 7 free sessions of recordings spanning over a week on PlayOn Cloud. But you will most likely be charged $2.99 after your free stint at recording, you will get 30 free recordings. In general, PlayOn does come with recording sessions bundled in a pack. You can choose how many credits/recording sessions you can attain for yourself. You usually get 50 credits for $7.50, similarly 250 credits for $35 and 500 credits for $65. And you can try your hands at the bumper $100, 850 credit offer.

PlayOn Home Crack Download

PlayOn Settings

PlayOn settings usually play a very important role in maintaining all important information related to your Playon account. It shows you the best available quality in which you can stream your content. It also shows you ad-free options. And also shows you your recording credits and subscription validity. It offers you all the tools to monitor your content in the best possible manner.

PlayOn Support

Support teams play a very important role in helping you in times of need. You need assistance as technical glitches when updated can occur. PlayOn does lag behind this segment as it does not have any subject centric help. Nor does the help is instantaneous. They do reply to you, but without subject centric help, that can be a problem in the long run.

Best Features of KeepStreams Downloader

  • Batch Download at fast speed.
  • Downloads content in MP4 for best compatibility.
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