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Roxio Creator NXT 9 v21.1.13.0 Crack With Serial Keys 2023

Roxio Creator NXT 9 v21.1.13.0 Crack With License Keys Free Download [Latest] 2023

Roxio Creator NXT 9 v21.1.13.0 Crack – If you are looking for an efficient suite that includes graphic and video editing capabilities, as well as CD/DVD burning features, you should know Roxio Creator NXT is a top contender. It lets you edit, capture, convert and burn video content, rip audio files and share your creations on Facebook and YouTube.

Simple-to-handle interface and creating video and data discs

Roxio Creator is organized in modules, providing access to a well-structured menu that sports separate tasks for each category, be they data (for CD/DVD burning purposes), video, audio or photo.

The first mentioned panel helps you burn data to discs and create disc images, while it also features options that enable you to copy or convert unencrypted DVDs or Blu-Rays to your computer.

The video tab allows you to create CDs or DVDs (with menus, chapters and soundtracks), copy and convert videos, or input custom titles, transitions, and effects.

Roxio Creator NXT 9 v21.1.13.0 License Keys is a fully loaded multimedia and CD/DVD disc-burning suite with 20+ applications to easily capture, edit, convert, and burn your media. Explore creative tools to record your screen, capture video, edit media files, create photo slideshows, and more! Start your next multimedia project with the complete multimedia and burning suite for creators! Capture* video and audio from your PC, discs, or older devices. Enjoy advanced options to record your screen and video from multiple cameras simultaneously with MultiCam Capture. Make all your media its best with complete solutions for photo, video, and audio editing. Convert audio and video to popular file formats for easy upload to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media sites to stay connected with your audience. Save and share projects on your favorite devices or burn them to discs.

Creating audio CDs, editing images and using a desktop gadget

The following tab provides users with the means of creating an audio CD, quickly and easily convert CD tracks to digital audio files, or convert LPs and tapes to a digital format. Moreover, creating a DVD music disc is also possible, allowing you to listen to hours of your favorite songs.

In the photo panel, users come across a bunch of special effects and touch-up features that aim to enhance the looks of your images; other projects may include designing albums, greeting cards, calendars or slideshows.

A desktop widget provides easy access to the burning features of the program. Using this utility eliminates the need to open the program every time you wish to burn data.

Roxio Creator NXT 9 Serial Keys builds on Creator’s extensive capabilities with more powerful features & some bonus creative software. The program makes it easy to capture, enhance, save, and share your photos, videos, and audio projects. Burn and copy CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, edit video and create Hollywood-style DVDs, digitize LPs and so much more.

Combining 20+ Roxio products into one, Creator 7 Pro can handle all of your creative and digital needs. Record your screen and capture video from multiple cameras. Finesse photos with Corel PaintShop Pro and AfterShot, and create beautiful photo animations with the new Photo Mirage. Get easy burning with encryption using Roxio Burn 4 and clean up your hard drive with the new Roxio Genie. With extra effects and programs for more creativity, along with industry-leading burning, this complete software collection is the multimedia suite that does it all.

Bottom line

To conclude, it becomes pretty obvious that Roxio Creator NXT 9 Crack Free Download is an efficient piece of software, packed with multiple functions, which can keep you busy for quite a while. Some of its most outstanding capabilities include amazing artistic video and graphic effects, 3D manipulation, video capture and playback, audio conversion, and finally, disc burning.

It does not always put a strain on the computer’s performance, the response time is quite good and the interface is quite modern and intuitive, being accessible to all user categories.

Roxio Creator NXT License Keys has a good entry-level movie editor in Video wave. It may not have all the advanced features of leading movie editors, and it may not be the best as it does, but is enough to satisfy a true beginner’s needs. The other programs also help add functionalities often present in more complete video editing software. The price is great–in fact, it’s probably the main selling point of the product–as it is very light on the pocket compared to other similar programs. If you are planning to create occasional home movies, Roxio Creator NXT 5 could be a good program to start with as you build up your skills–but you will have no way to know for sure unless you buy it. Too bad there’s no free trial.

Roxio Creator NXT 9 Crack

Roxio has been in the digital media software business for more than 15 years. Formed in 2001 by former Adaptec employees, it now thrives as a subsidiary of Canada-based Corel. Coming from a company long known for making dependable optical disc authoring applications and services, Roxio Creator NXT is–in fact–still classified as such, although it’s now a whole multimedia suite. Unlike many of its competitors, Creator NXT favors the Swiss Army knife approach: instead of offering a single robust program focused on video editing, it offers useful bits of everything you might need to put together a multimedia project–including tried and tested CD and DVD burning software. The latest version Creator NXT 5 contains over 15 Roxio products that make it easier for you to capture, edit, process, convert and share photos and videos.

Tools and Features

As Creator NXT 5 is a multimedia suite, it has functionalities and usages beyond just video editing; like music and audio editing, photo processing, and sharing, and data conversion and burning. In fact, Roxio’s professional quality CD and DVD burning and video file conversion options for multiple devices are probably the best performing and most highly regarded parts of the suite. However, we’ll be focusing on movie-making capabilities for this review.

Make Basic Video Edits

Roxio gives you what you need to adjust and add to video clips just enough to put a simple slideshow or movie together. You can work with standard to HD formats; and automatically fix brightness, color and contrast. Rotating video is also possible, as well as stabilizing shaky footage. On top of the actual video, titles and credits can be placed, along with a picture-in-picture option.

There’s also a live screen and voice-over capture functionality that allows you to record video and audio directly from your machine’s display, for you to edit and then save. Very handy for how-to or simple let’s-play videos.

For very basic slideshows, though, Corel FastFlick has templates to speed things up for you. Select one of them, add your video clips–and photos, too, if you wish–and have the result immediately created for you to save or share effortlessly on Facebook, Youtube, Video, or Flicker.

Work on Multicam Projects

Roxio’s Multicam functionalities can’t even begin to compare to what’s offered by professional grade competitors–like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X–but for beginners, it’s sufficient. You can work with footage from two angles; the video clips are synced and aligned automatically through their audio output. If you spring for Roxio Creator NXT Pro 5, you can even create projects containing four multicam angles.

Use Visual Effects

You can use a green screen to put just about anything in the background of your video, and there’s a compact collection of drag-and-drop effects that you can utilize beyond that, too. There are eight available with the basic multimedia suite: fairy dust, fire, fireworks, fog, rainfall, smoke, snow storm and sparks. With Creator NXT Pro 5, you also get: aged film, destabilize, interference, newsprint, skew and visual harmonizer.


Creator NXT 5–with over 15 Roxio products bundled into one multimedia suite–has a very reasonable price tag: $99.99. Creator NXT Pro 5 is a little bit more expensive at $129.99, but apart from the extras already mentioned above, it also has added encryption tools you can use when you burn CDs and DVDs, and also PaintShip Pro X8. Overall, Creator NXT Pro 5 adds over $200 worth of extra content compared to Creator NXT 5.

Customer Support

With Corel as its parent company, Roxio has upped its customer support quality. There is not only a Knowledge Base, FAQ section, and a user community but also many avenues of company-provided interactive support. You can get in touch with Roxio about your concerns through email, a toll-free telephone number, and live chat.

Roxio Creator NXT is a multi-faceted package that can work with HD video to edit it, rip and burn then share audio content, work with pictures to improve them or create panoramas, and perform the usual burning and backups that Roxio is well known for.

Create HD videos by recording the desktop or capture a streaming video like a webinar. Produce interesting slideshows from existing content, them share the video slideshows on Vimeo, YouTube and other hosting sites. Add an audio soundtrack. Stabilize video and rotate it to make it look better. Use green screen effects to pull people out of a video shot and transport them to a different video. Convert video to be more easily playable on a range of mobile devices which support different resolutions. Add interactive DVD menus.

Use the sound editor to improve the tracks on an audio recording. Create your own mixes from a selection of tracks. Digitize old analog content. Add a new background track to less inspiring audio recordings. Extract audio from an audio file. Capture audio playing on a web site. Create custom ringtones for your phone. Import audio and the software can recognize it immediately if it is a known track.

Improve existing photos by removing artifacts from images; ideal for cleaning up scanned photos where there is no negative available. Create panorama or collages with ease. Share improved images easily on social media sites.

Rip and burn CDs. Drag, drop and burn right away. Burn ISO image files to a disc. Create compilations n DVD and DVD-9 discs. Create backups on CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs.


Roxio Creator NXT is a physical or download commercial product, without a trial option for users to try it out prior to purchase.

The software requires Microsoft Windows 8.x, Professional, 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate, Vista SP2 or later (both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported).


The light and dark blue interface does not overwhelm the user. The menu options down the left side have choices for Home, Data Copy, Video Movies, Music Audio, Photo, and Learning Center.

The Home area features large, attractive icons and text labels below them for the most commonly used functions. Clicking on any of the tabs will change the main display for different icons for the various features available like editing a video, viewing a photo, or burning a new disc

Roxio Creator NXT 9 License Keys

What’s New:

Capture & Edit

Record your screen and capture video with MultiCam Capture. Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8 is also loaded with complete photo, video, and audio editing so you can make all your media look and sound its best.

Burn & Copy

Access industry-leading drag-and-drop tools to copy or burn your media. Create audio CDs or author DVDs with menu templates and disc labeling options to give your media a polished package.

Convert & Share

Convert audio and video to popular file formats. And, when you’re ready to share your digital media, just upload it to YouTube, Google+, or OneDrive, share to your favorite device, or burn to disc.

Premium Software & Extras

Enjoy valuable extras and more creative powers. Secure your files using Roxio Burn with encryption and enjoy even more photo editing powers with the new Photo Mirage™ and Corel® PaintShop® Pro.


  • Adequate File Format Support – Creator NXT 5 can work with over 15 video file formats, over 10 audio file formats and over 5 still image file formats.
  • Social Media Sharing Integration – You can publish your processed photos and videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, and other similar sites.
  • Price Is Affordable  The cost of Creator NXT 5 is under $100; still a bit high, but worth it considering the value you are getting.
  • Adequate Customer Support – Since Corel’s acquisition of Roxio, its customer support has gotten better; with a Knowledge Base, FAQ, and several interactive options.


  • Unintegrated Interface and Basic Features  Each separate program in the multimedia suite is easy to use, but together it may come off as disjointed, especially compared to more sophisticated software. It’s enough for beginners, but advanced users will find it a little too basic.
  • Limited Tools and Effects – Roxio VideoWave Editor is the main video editing program offered by the multimedia suite that is Creator NXT 5, and it’s not so much comprehensive as it is utilitarian.
  • No Free Trial – Unlike most video editing software offered at a comparable price range, Creator NXT 5 does not have a free trial.
  • No Mobile App Support – Unlike many similar programs in the same price range or lower, you can’t create movies on the go, as a companion mobile app is nonexistent.
  • Only for Windows – If you’re using a Mac, you won’t be able to run Creator NXT 5.

System Requirements

You cannot just install a program and expect it to run properly, without checking if your computer is powerful enough. There are minimum system requirements for you to even be able to use Creator NXT 5, let alone have it run smoothly. First, an Internet connection is needed in order to install the application. Then, make sure you have the following on your machine:

  • Intel Pentium 4 2GHz processor or AMD equivalent
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 4GB of available HDD space
  • 1024×768 DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 16-bit colors setting
  • Windows Media Player 10
  • QuickTime Player Version 7

Roxio Creator NXT 9 Serial Keys

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Roxio Creator NXT 9 License Keys

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How to Crack Roxio Creator NXT 9 v21.1.13.0?

  • First, download Roxio Creator NXT 9 v21.1.13.0 Crack the Full version.
  • Completely uninstall the previous version with IObit Uninstaller Pro.
  • Note Turn off the Virus Guard.
  • After downloading Unpack or extract the RAR file and open setup (use Winrarto extract).
  • Install the setup after installation closes it from everywhere.
  • Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and go to Task Manager.
  • From Task Manager Close >>Roxio.exe
  • Now open the ‘Crack’ or ‘Patch’ folder, and copy and paste the patch into the installation folder.
  • After this run patch as administrator and click the crack button.
  • Reg with serial key DDDDM-DDDDD-DDDDX-DDDDX.
  • After all of these enjoy the Roxio Creator NXT Crack.

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