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Spotless Mac With Serial Keys 2023

Spotless Mac With License Keys Free Download [Latest] 2023

Spotless Mac is a tool created to enable and disable Spotlight’s auto indexing of volumes with the click of a button.  Spotless allows you to tidy any files on your Mac in a snap, using drag & drop or by scheduling Spotless to tidy specific folders. Whichever method you choose it’s incredibly simple and easy.

What Is Spotless?

Spotless is a powerful file organizer for Mac and helps you clean up messy desktops and folders. Just set up the rules within the app, all your files will be organized instantly. What’s more, Spotless can organize your files automatically according to your schedule. Let’s see how Spotless does its magic.

How Does Spotless Work?

After you download Spotless, you will find that all it has is one icon in the Mac menu bar. The key to Spotless is it runs by the rules you set up. If you want Spotless to run smartly, you need to set smart rules.

Click the 3-line icon on the upper right side and go to Preferences. Spotlight indexing can cause major slow-downs on volumes that are used for backup purposes, video rendering, and a wide variety of tasks that involve the transfer of large amounts of data.

Organize Files Smartly

Once you go to Preferences, click Tasks. Here is the place that you can set up the rules and tell where the files should go.  Spotless can effectively and indefinitely disable the indexing of volumes that you specify. Even if the volume is a removable device, the indexing status is remembered when you remount it – even on a different computer!

Simply adding volumes to Spotlight’s privacy list does not achieve the same results as using Spotless. You may cause the Metadata Server to crash, and the volumes may be indexed the next time you mount them.

Organize Files On Time

Another useful feature of Spotless is it allows you to schedule when you want to organize your files — the setting of Automation. Spotless allows you to delete existing Spotlight indexes. This will free up the space used by the index files on volumes that are no longer being indexed. You may also delete indexes on volumes that are being indexed. This will cause Spotlight to reindex the volume – especially useful if your index becomes damaged.

In this setting, you can set for one task or many other different tasks. First, think about where are the files, and choose the folder. It allows you to choose which day, what time and how often you want to run the task – organize your files! It’s very flexible and you can decide on your preferences.

Organize Files Safely

When you throw all files to the smart rules and let them go by themselves. Sometimes, you might worry whether it runs in the right way, or you can’t find some files. Spotless Mac Free Download also has this in its mind. It has conflict management and detailed history.

Spotless License Keys will automatically find and delete the “mds-crash-state” file from selected volumes. The file may be created if the Metadata Server crashed or was unexpectedly closed during the indexing process. The presence of this file can prevent Spotlight from indexing the volume in the future.

Throw the files to your Mac desktop is easy. Getting every file to the place where it belongs and organizing is in a good way is difficult. What if there’s a tool that understands your needs and knows where to put your files? It would save you a lot of time and lessen your pain from organizing. Meet Spotless — a smart app that can run by your command. It delivers your files to the place where they belong. One of the great features of Spotless is that he is able to show you the exact size of the index directory on each volume.

Spotless Mac Free Download

Using Spotless Serial Keys is super intuitive. First, create rules based on file type, extension, size, file name, or create date. Then drag any file to the Spotless tag to process it through your rules. If that’s not enough, scheduling Spotless removes the need to manually throw files at it. Schedules can run as often as every minute, or as infrequently as once every week. For me, every few hours was perfect for keeping my desktop functional while I worked, but tidy when I was done for the day.

The only feature I found missing when setting up my Spotless Mac rules was contextual date awareness. While I could specify that it cleans up files older than a specific date (ex. March 1, 2018), I couldn’t specify it clean up files older than 24 hours. This cause me a few moments of frustration as I saved a file to my downloads folder, only to have it moved by a rule moments later (on a scheduled run). Having a “more than X days/hours old” variable would have made that flawless.

While that minor hiccup was less than ideal, it hasn’t stopped me from putting it on every Mac I own (a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, and an iMac). Each machine has its own use and its own set of rules, but with Spotless (and a cloud storage service or 2), my files can stay better in sync. Images are moved to their rightful folder, documents are separated by extension, and zip files and other installers are trashed to save drive space. Spotless has really improved my workflow and overall efficiency.

Is Spotless Worth it?

The app is not expensive (just $25). If it optimizes your workflow and saves you a lot of time, it’s definitely worth it.

If you deal with lots of files or images every day, organizing them can be a headache, try Spotless and see how it can improve your productivity. Bear in mind that when you use Spotless License Keys, you need to think about the task and rules at the beginning, then drop all your files to it and let Spotless handle your files smartly.

Spotless Mac also includes an on/off switch for Spotlight. Please note that if you turn Spotlight off completely, searching will not be available until Spotlight is turned back on. This includes the “find” functionality of the Finder.

You should only disable Spotlight if you really do not want Spotlight running on your computer. If you need to have a “find” feature, we recommend EasyFind by Devon Technologies.

Conflict management works when Spotless detects the same files already exist in your destination folder when you move that files there again. So when this happens, Spotless will notify you and you can check again how to deal with them. Bottom line: don’t worry about the same files. You will be notified if Spotless detects it.

Another great feature that Spotless Mac Free Download has is history. History contains the files moving routes. Every time there’s a task running, Spotless will keep the history of it. You are able to track and see where your files are moving to, you can check all actions. Not only checking but also revising or undoing those actions are supported. You can even export the history to your Mac and see everything.

Spotless License Keys

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 15 second Startup Delay.
  • Additional features are locked.


Spotless Mac is incredibly easy to use, yet packed with features to give you full control over how files are tidied and when.

  • Auto Tidy – Teach Spotless where each file type belongs and Spotless can automatically tidy them. For example, let Spotless know that .jpg belong in the Pictures folder and .pages files belong in Documents, and that’s where Auto Tidy will put them. Training Spotless is as simple as drag & drop.
  • Drag & Drop – Drop files on the Spotless drop target and Spotless can run a specific task on them, Auto Tidy them, or ask you which Task to run, giving you full control over what happens when you drop files for tidying.
  • Scheduled Tidying – Comprehensive scheduling options allow you to run a task on all the files in a specific folder at a time convenient to you. Spotless will then automatically tidy the files in that folder when the scheduled Task runs.
  • Unlimited Tasks – You can create a Task for each type of tidying you want to do, and create as many as you want. A Task is a set of rules to apply to determine if files should be tidied and specify what action should be taken on each file.
  • Powerful Rules – Our extensive set of rules allow you to easily identify files that you wish to be tidied, for example only files with a certain file extension, files not modified for a certain amount of time, or files containing a certain phrase in the filename.
  • Wizard – The Spotless Wizard will help you create Tasks to tidy locations thats commonly become cluttered, such as your Desktop or Downloads folder. It can setup automation for you with a scheduled Task so you can get started with no effort at all.
  • Versatile Backup Tool – It’s simple to setup Tasks to automate the backup of important files, making Spotless an excellent tool to generate automated backups that you don’t need to remember to make.

Safety features:

Keeping your files safe is important to us, and with this in mind we have built in a number of features to ensure your files are kept securely when tidying.

  • Conflict Management – If Spotless attempts to move a file and the destination file already exists, the comprehensive conflict features allow you to ensure your files are safe.
  • Detailed History – Spotless keeps a history of each time it runs a Task, allowing you to review or revert any changes it has made. You can undo actions, restoring files to their original location.
  • Silent (or not) – You can ask Spotless to run specific Tasks silently so you aren’t prompted unless a conflict occurs, or if you want more control you can see a confirmation before Spotless takes any action.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Keeps things organized
  • Automated scheduling
  • Customizable for your needs


  • No dynamic/contextual date rule

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Think about the task and name it. In one task, you can set different rules for the different types of files. For example:

If you want to sort images by their extensions – PNG, JPG/JPEG. Under this task, sorting images, you can set up one rule for putting all PNG images to one folder, and another rule for putting JPG/JPEG to one folder. So here you create two rules. After the rules are created, you can drag and drop all images to Spotless and those images will automatically go to different folders by their extensions.

Sound easy? It’s logic work. Think about what kind of files you want to deal with and where you want them to go. Then set up a relevant rule for the task. You are able to use the file extensions, file names, size, tag, modified date and other attributes in the list below. At the time of writing, Spotless only supports macOS.

Spotless Mac is not free. You can get it from its official website and it provides a free 7-day trial. So if you are not sure how Spotless will work for you, get the free trial first and see how it works. The full version of Spotless is $24.99. You can buy it directly from its official website. You can also find Spotless from Setapp, a software subscription service for Mac. It has 7 days free trial and later $9.99 per month. Once you subscript Setapp, you can use Spotless for free, as well as all other apps on Setapp.

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